Wednesday, March 26, 2014


The word 'home' brings many things to mind. Family. Friends. A physical place. A sense of being. Certain smells. Certain sounds. A country. All of these things combined make a home.

With very little, it is fairly easy for me to feel at "home". Anywhere my family is, in fact, is home to me. Our house in Jackson was home. But so was our house in Costa Rica, and our house here in Mexico City. It's strange to me, especially considering that in another two months, we will once again be homeless. We'll be leaving this home we've lived in since October and returning to the States.....but where? We've never owned a house, so we have no physical residence waiting for us back in the States.

As we've not been on the mission field for decades like other we know, the United States is still home for me. It's where our extended family members live. It's where many of our closest friends live, where our supporters live. It's where all of us were born and raised, where we have roots.

And yet...

Mexico is home too, in a way neither of us can describe. I can remember the very first time we visited Mexico after we were married. Immediately after stepping off the plane, we both felt this overwhelming sensation that we were home. How could this be, when we'd never been there before? Perhaps it's because we were visiting Troy's parents. Or perhaps it's because all of the people we met were very friendly. But I believe it's because this is where God has chosen to send us as missionaries. He's given us this gift of feeling at home to make the transition that much easier. And to make sure we don't get too comfortable back where everything is familiar and "easy".

We only have two short months left in Mexico before our first term is over. There is tremendous sadness in this. We know we'll be leaving friends and ministries we've begun. Leaving behind people--missionaries and Mexican friends alike--who have become family to you over the months you've worked together is painful. We rejoice that we'll be returning to many of them soon. But we also know that there are some who may be called onto other places or other ministries.

At the same time, there is excitement in returning to our home country. Having the opportunity to see family, friends, and supporters. Visiting favorite places again. Easing back into English and American culture. It's very strange to think how a person can be so completely torn--sad to leave one home, yet excited to return to another.

Maybe as missionaries, this is the way it always is--especially for newer missionaries. Perhaps the longer you've been on the field, the more your country of service feels like home and your birth country feels foreign. But for now, we have two homes: our home country of birth, and Mexico--the beautiful place that tugs on our hearts like no other.

Please pray for us in the coming months as we wrap up ministries here and prepare to say our temporary goodbyes. Please pray that the transition back to the States will be smooth for everyone. Above all, please pray for our children in this process. Troy and I are ever conscious that we are the ones with the calling, not them. They have a calling of sorts, yes, but it's not the same. We thank you for joining with us in prayer.

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