Wednesday, October 29, 2008

4% Funded!

We finally have our first official word on how the funding is going. As of last week, we are 4% funded for the mission field! Yes, this does mean that we have 96% to go--which is a lot. But we choose to be positive and are thankful for the 4% that the Lord has helped us to raise. The Lord has called us to Mexico City and He will provide--indeed, He is providing! We do really covet your prayers in the coming weeks and months, that the Lord will help us line up more churches to speak in and more one-on-one appointments to schedule. Thank you for praying with us for our total goal of being 100% funded for our ministry in Mexico City.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

On the Road Again...

October will be a very busy ministry month for us. We have four meetings lined up in three Sundays! Tomorrow we will be at the Heritage United Methodist Church in Hattiesburg, about an hour and a half from Jackson. It is World Communion Sunday and, along with our family, several others from the seminary (mainly foreign students) will be sharing with the folks there about the need for world missions. We're not giving our missionary presentation but will be each speaking in a Sunday school about the missionary needs in Mexico. Next Sunday we will be at Cruger Independent Methodist Church (it's about an hour or so from Jackson) in the morning and at Riverside Independent Methodist Church in Flowood (a suburb of Jackson) in the evening. We will be giving our full missionary presentation at both services. Finally, we will be at Vision Community Church in Brookhaven (which is about an hour from Jackson) the last Sunday in October and will give our missionary presentation. We are very thankful that the Lord has opened these opportunities up for us and are praying that we can likewise fill November and December as well. Please keep us in your prayers as we share with the people in these churches. We are praying that the Lord will soften hearts and move people to action for His kingdom.

Clayton's Missing Teeth

This summer marked another first in Clayton's life: his first loose tooth. He was very excited to see how much he could wiggle it and to catch up to big sister in missing teeth. Shortly after his first one fell out, others followed until he now has several teeth missing in his smile. It's just another reminder to the two of us that our little boy is growing up.

Miss Tori Goes to Preschool

September 2 marked a very important day for Tori--it was her first day of preschool. After watching her older siblings doing their school work for the past few years, she was excited about starting school herself. Jenny found some "get ready for kindergarten" workbooks online and bought the whole series (a total of 19 workbooks!) for Tori to work through. Some of the concepts she will learn are same vs different, colors, alphabet recognition, beginning phonics, number recognition and other simple mathematical skills. Each day she and Jenny discuss what day of the week it is and what the weather for that day is. Not only is she learning some important early learning concepts, she's having a wonderful time in the process and finding out that school is fun!