Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Indian Springs Holiness Camp

We are all on our way to Indian Springs Holiness Camp near Jackson, Georgia, from July 9 - 19. While there Troy and I will be leading the missionary time in the morning children's meetings each day. Although this is not a year for OMS missionaries at the camp (it's WGM's turn), we are still looking forward to meeting fellow laborers in the field. It's exciting to think that this year we will actually be able to introduce ourselves as missionaries! The kids are excited about seeing our friends, the Jelleys, and going to all the fun activities they will be involved in. Please keep the camp meetings in your prayers (all the speakers, safe travel for attendees, etc) during the next two weeks. When we get home we will have some pictures to go along with our posts, so be sure to check back soon!

Meeting at Debra Heights Wesleyan Church

I (Jenny) had the opportunity on June 29 to give my very first missionary meeting without Troy. The kids and I had gone to Iowa to visit my family and while there had the chance to speak in Grandma Harris' home church, Debra Heights Wesleyan Church. I was very nervous about speaking as I tend to get very emotional while talking about our ministry. Thankfully, the morning was covered with prayer and the Lord really helped me to express the things I felt most important for the people to hear. Everything that could've gone wrong went well (we'd spoken in a church where we couldn't get our power point presentation to work but thanks to my tech-genius Aunt Sandy, things went well)! The kids opened our time by helping me sing 3 verses of "Jesus Loves the Little Children" (bet you didn't know there were actually 3 verses did you? I'll let you puzzle that one for yourselves....). My new brother-in-law Rob and I performed a skit that could truly be called 'lost in translation'. It cracked everybody up (including us!) and was so much fun to do. Then I had my time of sharing followed by our power point presentation to wrap things up. The church took a very nice love offering for us and then prayed over the kids and me, everyone gathering around us at the altar. It was a precious time and I'm very thankful for the opportunity to be there. Now I know that if push comes to shove, I CAN speak on my own...although I'm more than thankful that Troy will be joining me for our next meeting!