Thursday, August 20, 2015

Do We Truly Love God's Word?

Last night, Troy had the privilege of leading the devotional at Olde Towne Community Church in Ridgeland. In it, he asked us if we truly love God's Word. We honor His Word. We revere His Word. But do we love it? He showed a video clip of Christians from a closed country who were receiving Bibles for the first time. In the video, they fell upon a box like kids on Christmas morning, delighted squeals filling the air. One by one, we saw them hug their Bibles. Reverently carees the pages. Even kiss the Bibles. A hush filled the room as they were overcome with joy. Tears streaming down her face, one woman thanked those who had provided the Bibles.

Are we that joyful about God's Word?

I have multiple Bibles filling space on a shelf in our living room. I even have a few Bible apps on my devices. There are no laws in the country prohibiting the ownership of these Bibles. No one threatening me with jail for reading them. But I confess, I do not share the exhuberant joy these brothers and sisters had for their precious Bibles.

The inspired Word of God, held in their hands.

Watching the video last night was both poignant and convicting.

As missionaries, we've had occasion to receive care packages from family and friends. There have been times when other missionaries or visiting familiy members brought goodies to the field from home. We get so excited about these treasures. Understandably! Nobody would fault us for this.

But the problem, for me, lies with this thought: I get more excited about a new package of brown sugar or some scented candles than I do about the privilege of reading God's Word.


Clearly the Lord has some work to do with me yet.

How about you, friend?

You honor His Word, yes. But do you really love it?