Monday, October 26, 2009

Delayed...but not Discouraged!

Due to recent illness and a van that is having issues, we have not been able to travel in the last couple of months. We had originally hoped to reach 50% funding by December, and still believe that the Lord can work a miracle, but we urgently need your prayer.

We have made a list of individuals in the Jackson area to contact with the hope of scheduling meetings in which we can share with them about our ministry in Mexico City. We have also made a list of churches in our denomination that are within a day's drive of our home. Please pray with us that the Lord will help us fill our calendar--even during the coming holiday season--the busiest time of the year! Thanks!

Thank the Lord for Health!

Earlier this month, the swine flu visited the Gentry house. Although only the girls were tested for it, and only Tayler was diagnosed, I believe that Troy and Clayton probably had it as well, as their symptoms and fevers were very similar to Tayler's. Tori and Cody each had viral upper-respiratory infections, which left me to take care of 5 sick people! Thankfully, the Lord kept me healthy and prevented me from being sick as well. After a couple weeks of running fevers, coughing, and generally lacking in energy, everybody is on the mend. We are thankful that we didn't the more serious complications of swine flu, especially considering Tayler's heart history. Thank you for all your prayers while we were sick--I truly believe that I could not have stayed healthy and the illnesses would have been a lot worse without them.