Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weekly Updates

I realized today that we haven't done a very good job of keeping you, our faithful supporters, updated as to what is going on in our ministry. How can you pray for us if you do not know what the need is? So beginning this week, I will be posting weekly updates on how things are going or items that need prayer. I know we do not say it enough, but we are grateful for all of your support and prayer. We really could not do this without you!

I think I will try to update the blog on Saturdays, but since it's already Thursday, I'll go ahead and let you know what you can keep in prayer for the rest of this week and through the next as well.

1. There are about four couples we are trying to set up meetings with for next week. Please pray that everyone's schedules mesh and that we're able to meet with each of them at some point next week.

2. Our goal is to send out a batch of letters to six couples/individuals each week requesting meetings. This way, we have a consistent schedule of at least 3 meetings each week. So please pray each week as these letters go out that the Lord will speak to the hearts of those who receive them.

3. We are trying to fill as many weekends this month with church meetings as possible. Please pray for contacts and open schedules.


This last weekend we were invited to participate in a missionary conference in Milton, Florida with three other missionaries. It was a privilege to hear the stories of these other workers called to God's ministry on foreign mission fields, and we were blessed with the chance to make new friends in the church as well. We left the conference Sunday morning to speak at a church in Mobile, Alabama (we were blessed to have both the morning and evening services in which to share) and made more new friends there as well. Upon arriving home, we had an encouraging meeting with some church members who shared their testimonies of God's provision in their lives. We both agree that the meeting was as much for us as it was for them (perhaps even more so). What a great blessing to have brothers- and sisters-in-Christ who can relate to the daunting task of relocating to another country and culture and the joys and issues that arrive from such a move.

As always, if there is something that you'd like us to pray for, please don't hesitate to let us know. You may email prayer requests to or Have a blessed week and we'll see you next Saturday!