Saturday, April 07, 2012

A Special Easter

This is the first Easter week we've celebrated since the last of our children accepted Jesus as Savior. How precious to know that when we celebrate His Resurrection tomorrow, we also celebrate the knowledge that all of our children have now found new lives in Jesus. They are no longer wandering and lost. They have been found. Hallelujah, praise God!

It makes the celebrations this week all the more poignant for us as their parents. And I know that as much as we are celebrating this Easter, our Heavenly Father celebrates with us over four little lambs that were lost but have been found.


Final Update on the Medicaid

Well, this one didn't end like I'd hoped. To my dismay (and frankly, disgust), our caseworker's supervisor chose to sit on the application while she attended a week of meetings. Even knowing that there was a great urgency to get our benefits approved. We were forced to reschedule her procedure for June 5.

While I am completely and thoroughly disgusted with Mississippi Medicaid (and pray most fervently that this is the last year we need to go through this process), I have to acknowledge the possibility that God's hand was in this all along. Perhaps there is a reason we do not know right now as to why Tayler couldn't have this procedure at this time. He could've worked a miracle in this and provided a way. But He didn't.

So we just have to be patient and trust that His plan is best. Even when we don't always understand.