Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekly Update - May 29


1. We are officially out of the 20th percentile and into the 30s! We are so thankful to see some forward momentum.

2. We've already been able to schedule some meetings and have received some contributions as a result of our latest bulk mailing.


1. Continue to pray as we continue calling for meetings with individuals.

2. Please continue to pray for our Mexican brothers and sisters as well as our teammates on the field as they mourn--and celebrate--Ernesto Rivera's Homegoing early Friday morning. Pray for his family, friends, church family, and all of our missionary friends who were close to him.


Troy and Jenny will be traveling separately in June. Please pray that we each are able to set up meetings with individuals at each of our destinations.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. We love you all!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekly Update - May 22

Thank you for lifting our family up in prayer list week! We NEEDED it! For those who don't already know, both of our boys came down with fevers on Thursday--Cody's spiking at almost 104 degrees! Praise the Lord, the fevers came down before bed time and were completely gone by Friday morning. Praise the Lord, no one else in the family got sick!

Another praise for the week was that we received a very significant check from some donors on Monday and received another pledge that will help boost our percentage out of the 20s once the paper work is finalized at HQ!

Prayer Requests for the week:

1. We have a meeting with a couple tomorrow night.

2. There are several people we are contacting about scheduling meetings with during this coming week. Please pray that we'll be able to make connections and that everyone's schedules will be accommodating.

3. At the suggestion of our wonderful funding coach (thank you, Robin!), we just sent out a large batch of letters to individuals. We send these letters to people making them aware of our intention to call them and request a meeting. The purpose of sending these letters out first is so that we are not necessarily making a "cold call", and to give the individuals an opportunity to look over their schedules before our call. Please pray with us that these letters are well received and that we are able to fill our schedule this summer.

Thank you! We hope you have a blessed week!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekly Update - May 15

While this is mostly a ministry blog, our family life is a very real part of our ministry. And so we want to take a minute to thank the Lord for 12 years of marriage together that we will be celebrating tomorrow (May 16). It has not always been easy, but Jesus never promised us "easy", did He? Over the last 12 years we have learned a lot about each other, about ourselves as individuals, and about what Jesus wants to do in and through our marriage.

We have one main prayer request this week. Following a suggestion made by our funding coach at OMS, we'll be sending out a batch of 20-25 letters this week to individuals, asking for a meeting. Our goal is to fill as much of the summer as possible as early as possible. Sending out a half dozen letters at a time generally leaves us with entire weeks not filled because schedules were not compatible. Please pray with us in advance for these letters and for the families who will receive them.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. God bless you!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Weekly Update - May 8

Once again, it seemed like the enemy was attacking our family earlier this week with health issues. Last Saturday night, Troy developed flu-like symptoms and then Sunday afternoon, Cody began running a fever. With such a busy week planned, we immediately sent out requests for prayer. PRAISE THE LORD, Cody's fever went away within hours and stayed away. PRAISE THE LORD that although Troy had to miss work on Monday, by Tuesday he was feeling much better. PRAISE THE LORD, no one else in the family got sick. PRAISE THE LORD, we were able to have one of our meetings that we've been trying to schedule on Wednesday evening before church.

Some requests for the week:

1. There are two couples in particular we're still trying to make contact with. Please pray we'll be able to get in touch with them and schedule meetings.

2. We sent out a new batch of letters this week and will begin calling to schedule meetings on Monday night. Please pray that those we contacted will be favorable to a meeting and that our schedules will mesh.

3. We have a meeting scheduled for Monday night. Please pray that the Lord will speak through us.

4. Please pray that the Lord will help us to know which churches to contact about meetings on weekends.

5. Please begin to pray with us that Jenny will know whom to contact to schedule meetings with while she and the kids are in Iowa next month.

Thank you again for all your prayers! We could not do this without your help! And to all of our readers who are mothers, Happy Mother's Day!