Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tayler's New Glasses

Here are a couple of pictures of Tayler and her new glasses. After a recent checkup her doctor was concerned about her eyesight so she suggested we have them checked out. As a result, we found out that Tayler was farsighted and was in need of some glasses. We also found out that Clayton has a slight astigmatism, but it is not bad enough to need glasses yet. Thankfully Tayler really loves the idea of wearing glasses (at least for now). Clayton however is very disappointed because he wanted to get glasses also. We will see if he is as excited when his day finally comes. While we both agree that she looks very nice in her glasses, we also agree that they demonstrate the fact that she is quickly growing up and is well on her way to becoming a young lady.
Poor Little Cindy

Poor Cinderella is missing her fella
She lacked a nap waiting for the sap
To the ball they would go if he wasn't so slow
Now all alone she sits because the prince is a ditz
She sticks out her lip and offers this important tip,
"When accepting a date from a prince who is great,
always have a backup in case he is late!"