Friday, May 29, 2009

Some Much Needed RnR

Following the Sunday morning services this Sunday (May 31), the kids and I (Jenny) will be taking the van and driving from Marshfield, Missouri to Iowa for a mini-vacation. We'll be spending Sunday night in Fairfield, Iowa visiting my sister and her husband and then driving on to West Des Moines on Monday to spend the week with the rest of my family. Please pray for traveling mercies as we drive to Iowa and as Troy drives back home to Jackson for the week. On Friday, June 5, Troy will fly to Des Moines, as we will be speaking at our Iowa "home church", Faith EMC in Oskaloosa on June 7.

The kids are exited to attend Nana Camp for the second summer and I am looking forward to some rest and relaxation (and some good 'ole spoiling. You're never too old to be spoiled by your Mom).

Gentrys in Marshfield EMC

This Sunday (May 31) we will be speaking in both services at the Evangelical Methodist Church in Marshfield, Missouri. Please pray with us for the following:

1. That the Lord will give us traveling mercies, especially as we are taking both vehicles.
2. That the Lord will bless the meetings and services and speak through us.

We've had some really great meetings lately and are thankful for the Lord's provision. I (Jenny) lately realized the full impact we are potentially having on those who listen to our presentation. We were reminded a few weeks ago at the Central Lakes District conference that it was during a missions presentation that a teenaged Troy received his call to missions. That reminder made me realize that the Lord could be asking the same thing of someone sitting in the pews of the churches we speak in. Through our testimony of the calling that God has placed on our lives, we might just be the instruments He uses to open someone else's eyes and heart to missions. So, along with the above prayer requests, please pray that the Lord would soften the hearts of those who hear our presentation and that they will be open and sensitive to His leading. It would be awesome to hear someone say, "It was during your presentation that the Lord called me to be a missionary." Not for our glory of course, but to know that by being obedient to share the burden He has placed on our hearts, someone else took up the call as well. As always, thank you for your prayers.

Monday, May 11, 2009

On a Roll!

Troy and I really feel like we have finally gained some momentum in our fund-raising efforts. I believe that we are doing all that we can humanly do in this process and the rest is up to the Lord. We recently watched a video clip on creation and just how big the universe really is. If I can find a link to the clip, I will post it so that you can see it for yourselves, as there is no way I'll do it justice. But watching the video and realizing, perhaps for the first time, just how big the universe is (and how even bigger our God is to have created it), Troy said to me, "This is the God who is going to provide all our needs. This is the God who can and WILL get us to Mexico." It was an emotional moment, to say the least. We are in awe that He has even asked this of us to begin with. Many people have questioned our decision to have four kids (knowing we'd need to raise funds to support such a large family) and have expressed to us that it is an impossible task we are undertaking. Don't we know it! There is no way that we can personally raise these funds! And if the Lord hadn't called us to Mexico, we wouldn't be able to, either. But He HAS called us! He WILL provide.

Thank you for your prayers for us as a family. We could NOT do this without your prayers. I believe that we need prayer support far more than financial support. Without prayer, we would get nowhere, be unable to reach anyone. Please, keep those prayers coming! Pray for our travels. Pray for more people to partner with us prayerfully and financially. Pray for the more meetings, more opportunities to share in churches and with individuals. Pray that the Lord will direct our every action and step. Finally, please pray for the two of us to be steeped in the Word even more than before. The enemy hates people who are following the Will of God and will do all that he can to cause them to falter. Only by arming ourselves fully with the full Armor of God and allowing Him to be our rearguard will we repel the fiery darts of the enemy.

Best Week Ever

Last week at the Central Lakes district conference of the EMC, we had our best conference/meeting to date. We were given approximately 20-25 minutes to speak during the missions service. The Lord was with Troy and helped him to express to the conference attendees the burden we have for the Mexican people. We had been searching for several days in various stores for a laser pointer to use during our powerpoint presentation, but to no avail. Watching Troy struggle to point out some various things in our pictures, Dr. Ed Williamson handed Troy his personal pointer and then told him afterward to keep it. Thanks, Dr. Ed--you were a direct answer to prayer! After Troy spoke, Rev. Jack Conner (district superintendent for the Mid-states district) encouraged everyone to pray about supporting us. We are thankful for the support of all the denominational leaders present at the conference--it is a blessing to know we have the support of our denomination! An offering was taken up for us and several individuals gave us enough money to pay for our return trip home (this means we will have fewer receipts to submit against our missionary account). The best of all was that so many people took prayer cards that we had to order some more immediately upon leaving the camp! What a great problem to have!! Many of the pastors in attendance also indicated their desire for us to come speak in their churches. So we came away with new prayer and financial partners, a laser pointer to use in the presentation, a love offering and enough money to get home, and meetings to be scheduled. God has been so good!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Meetings, meetings, meetings!

This weekend the entire family will be traveling to Grace EMC in Haltom City, Texas for a missionary meeting at Ike Cowell's church. We will be speaking to a combined Sunday school class of adults and youth and will also have a few minutes to share in the main worship service. Please pray for safe travel and for the Lord's blessings as we share.

Literally the day after arriving back home from Texas we will pack the van up once again and drive to a conference center near the Indiana/Ohio border in order to attend the Central Lakes district of the EMC's annual conference. There we will have the opportunity to set up our display and have been granted 30 minutes to speak during the conference on Wednesday! Please pray once again for safe travel and for the Lord's blessings as we try to speak with as many pastors as possible about scheduling meetings in their home churches.

Our goal is to have missionary meetings set up at least 3 out of 4 weeks each month until we have raised enough to support full-time fund-raising. Please pray with us that the Lord helps us to reach this milestone soon! Our whole family is anxious and excited to begin the language school stage in Costa Rica but we can't do that until our financial obligations for ministry are met. Thank you so very much for partnering with us in prayer and financial support!