Sunday, January 27, 2008

Official OMS Missionaries!

For over a decade we have been praying about the chance to be missionaries. As of December 14, 2007, our prayers have finally been answered! We have formally been accepted with OMS, International with an assignment to the Mexican field--another direct answer to prayer!

We are committed to our church outside of Yazoo City until the end of February. Then, the weekend of March 7-8 we will be making a trip to OMS headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana (just south of Indianapolis) for some orientation meetings. We'll have our questions answered regarding fundraising (or as it's known among OMS staff, "friend-raising") and all the other things that will be necessary during the next phase of our missionary journey. We'll also be making our family prayer cards at that time as well and shortly after that we plan to begin traveling on weekends.

Please pray for us with that we are able to line up churches and that this stage of the process will proceed quickly! We are anxious to begin language studies on the field; our hope is that we'll be in Mexico by Christmas! While this doesn't seem very likely from a human perspective, with the Lord's help ALL THINGS are possible!

If you are interested in contributing to our account, please email us at one of the below email addresses and we will send you the information you need. Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

To contact Troy & Jenny and make a contribution to their account, or to arrange to have the Gentrys in your church, please email:

Troy - or Jenny -