Monday, September 21, 2009

Funding Goals

Below are some prayer requests that we have pertaining to our funding. We appreciate all of your prayers for us in the coming months! Thanks!

1. We would like to reach 50% funding status by Christmas so that we can attend Cross Training at HQ in January. Please pray that the Lord raises up financial supporters to help us reach this goal.

2. When we go to the 3 week training session, we will need to have someone go with us to help take care of the kids and monitor their school day while we are in the training sessions. Please pray that we will be able to find someone who can help us out in this manner.

3. There is an opportunity for us to participate in the 3-week online training program Kingdom Come Training offers. It is a very intensive program but one that will help us as we learn how to share our ministry goals with others in a fund-raising meeting. Please pray that we will find just the right time slot that will be the most beneficial to us while fitting our busy work and school schedule.

4. Many of you already know that we are planning to move to Costa Rica in May, 2010. We sought the Lord's Will in this and feel like this is His answer to us, His promise. There's still a lot of financial and prayer support to raise in the coming months, but we feel that He can and WILL provide! We felt He was calling us to, like Peter, step out of the boat and trust Him in faith. So we are doing so, making plans for a May departure. Please pray with us that we will be 100% funded and ready to make the move to Costa Rica in May.