Monday, July 22, 2013

Two Big Answers to Prayer and a HUGE Prayer Request

We have a couple big praises AND a BIG prayer request all relating to documentation needed for our Mexico visa paperwork.

Praise # 1 - We needed to have new apostilled copies of all of our birth certificates plus our marriage license mailed to us. All of the documents except Troy's birth certificate had long arrived at HQ and had spent this last month (almost) waiting for Troy's to arrive so it could be mailed together. TODAY, Troy's documents arrived, and the wonderful lady at HQ who helps us with mail is sending them to us air-delivery!

Praise # 2 - The paperwork from the denomination inviting us to come and the other documents from the Mexican government are on their way to us and should be here THIS WEEK! This has been about a month in process as well, and we were frankly getting rather concerned about them. We cannot go to the Mexican embassy here in Costa Rica without these documents, and we cannot apply for residence visas from within the country itself.

This leads me to the BIG prayer request. As I just mentioned, we can only apply for our residence visas outside of the country. If we enter Mexico under tourist visas, we can only stay for 6 months before we need to temporarily leave and then re-enter for another 6 months. We leave for Mexico 3 weeks from THURSDAY. There is, technically, still time to get appointments at the Mexican embassy here to receive our provisional visas for Mexico (it basically works out to a special stamp on our passports letting Immigration in Mexico know that we've begun the application process for residence visas and are not tourists). Some friends of ours received theirs in 3 weeks, but there were only two of them. There are six of us.

Now! You might remember that we received our passports in a record 8 days (give or take). So GOD CAN do this! He can make this miracle happen for our family. If not, we trust He has a different plan in mind instead.

Please join us in prayer that we will, God willing, receive these provisional visas in time for our August 15 flights.