Thursday, December 15, 2011


The issues we've been experiencing that link our blog to our donate page on the OMS website have been resolved!

Troy took a few moments over the noon hour today to work on this. So, if you would like to donate online, you can once again use the "donate" link on our blog to do so.

By using the "donate" link, you have the option of using your credit or debit card to give monthly or just once. No hassle! No papers to fill out and mail in!

Thank you so much for giving toward this ministry God has called us to.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


There have been some linking issues with our "donate to the Gentrys" tab on this blog. Until we can get it fixed, you will not be able to use it.

However, in the meantime, if you'd like to donate, simply go to On the upper right-hand corner of the home page is a tab that says "search missionary or project". In this tab, type in Jennifer and Troy Gentry (in that exact order or it won't work). This should bring up our biography page. At the bottom of this is a link to donate online.

Sorry about the confusion! Hopefully we'll get the donate link on our blog fixed soon! Thank you so much for your willingness to contribute to God's ministry!

Monday, December 12, 2011

What It Will Take

Many people ask us what it will take for us to be fully funded. Note, we do not have to have all of this in the bank. We merely need 100% of the needed funds pledged.

If we had:

140 individuals/couples/churches/Sunday schools who made new pledges of $25 a month...


70 individuals/couples/churches/Sunday schools who made new pledges of $50 a month...


47 individuals/couples/churches/Sunday schools who made new pledges of $75 a month...


35 individuals/couples/churches/Sunday schools who made new pledges of $100 a month...

...then we would reach our goal of being 100% funded.

Won't you please prayerfully consider picking up a new pledge for our family? Or, another way you can help is by referring us to friends who might be interested in supporting.

Until we get the "donate now" link on our page to work, you can go to to donate. At the top right hand corner of the home page is a tab that says "search missionary or project". In this tab, type: Jennifer and Troy Gentry (in that exact order or it won't work). This will bring up our bio. At the bottom of that page is a link to donate online.


No Coincidence

Originally when we began planning our North Carolina trip this last spring and summer, I did have ulterior motives for selecting October as the month for our meetings. After spending nine years in a part of the country that experiences very little autumn color, who wouldn't have? God had His own plans, however.

Thanks in large part to the planning and coordination of some good friends, we were able to get the four weeks filled. Those of you who received our updates know that Troy shared about our ministry in a different church each Sunday from October 1 - November 6! Throw in three Wednesday nights as well, and our schedule was full!

Within the first week or two of our arrival in Reidsville, it became clear that the timing of the trip was certainly not ours---it was God's. Our pastor friend had four busier-than-normal weeks at their church that kept him away from his family quite a bit. The timing of our visit meant that our friend had some other adult company at home with her while her husband needed to be away. The timing of our visit was not coincidental.

Perhaps the most amazing evidence that this was a divine appointment was in the opportunity to meet a young man who was interested in becoming a missionary. This young man's family was new to our friend's church--they'd only been attending a few weeks prior to our arrival after extensive church hunting. He was glancing through the church bulletin, reading the listing of missionaries the church supported and the organizations represented by each. At home, he took the time to look up online each of the missions organizations listed. One stood out to him more than the others---One Mission Society. Not long afterward, he realized that missionaries with this very organization were staying with his pastor and pastor's wife! He, Troy, and our pastor friend met over a meal. Within a couple weeks, he'd already begun the paperwork to become an OMS missionary! The timing of the family finding our friend's church and of our subsequent visit were not coincidental.

I may have initially selected this particular month so that I could enjoy some fall foliage. But God clearly had other plans. He had a divine appointment for us to keep, and it was His leading and direction that brought us to North Carolina in October and workout out all of the details so beautifully.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Weekly Messages

In the past, we haven't been as good at keeping you up to date on the things happening in our ministry. This is about to change. Beginning today, I am sending out a weekly email or FB message (however you'd prefer to receive it) with updates, praises, and prayer requests on a weekly basis.

If you are interested in receiving these emails, please send me a message on Facebook (Jenny Cox Gentry) or send me an email (, and I will include you on the list.

I've already sent out the first message detailing our schedule for this month. If you'd like to receive that, please let me know.

October Schedule

Weeks ago we asked you to pray about our October schedule. Well, you prayed, and God is answering!


1. As of today, we have every Sunday morning and Wednesday night filled between October 16 and November 2!
2. Some dear friends of ours are hosting us in their home during this time in order to help us keep costs down!
3. We participated in World Communion Sunday at a church in South MS on October 2, serving communion in two of three services and sharing during the Sunday school hour as well. As it was our second time participating, the pastor shared with us that we will likely pick up some monthly support from the church!

God is GOOD!

There are a few things to pray about as well:


1. We need to fill 4 Sunday evenings, 1 more Sunday morning, and 1 more Wednesday.
2. We need to line up as many individual meetings as we can during the weekdays following each service.
3. Please pray that the Lord will break our hearts anew before each service for the Mexican people and help us to help others see the spiritual need of the people.
4. Please pray against attacks of the enemy during this time. He loves to deal in Discouragement, Despair, and Divisiveness. Please pray against these Ds of the devil.
5. Please pray for traveling mercies as we travel to North Carolina and as we travel to and from each of the services/meetings.

Thank you so much for all your continued prayers and support. We are praying that this month will be the jolt we need to get some momentum in our funding. Only God could've put all this together, and so we are trusting that He has something BIG planned for our family and the ministry He's called us to.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

North Carolina in October

I've been working on putting together a plan of attack for what we hope to be a month jam-packed with church and individual meetings throughout western and central North Carolina.

Please pray with us for the following:

1. Filled Sunday and Wednesday night meetings.
2. Filled meetings each week with individuals in each region we visit.
3. Housing (hotels could get expensive)
4. Supportive pastors
5. No scheduling conflicts!

Thank you very much for your continued prayer and support. We seriously could not do this without you. God is the one who blesses, but you are the vessels He chooses to use.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Faith Promises and What They Are Not

Whenever we sit down with people, or share from the pulpit on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings, we always ask people to consider a faith promise gift. Unless that person has given to missionaries in the past, most often they are unfamiliar with that concept. A faith promise is a donation that an individual makes, trusting that God is going to be faithful to provide the needed money at the appointed time.

When I ask folks to consider a faith promise, I'm not asking them about their budgets. I don't want to know if they can afford to donate or not. Because, quite frankly, we often cannot. We are so overextended financially these days because we have gotten away from the concept of living within our means and saving for the things we want or need. Credit has become the norm. And so we are, many of us, deeply in debt. It is little wonder missionaries and other ministries are turned down or hurting for funding these days. Fewer and fewer folks are donating because they have fewer and fewer dollars to spend.

When we rely on ourselves and neglect to trust in God's provision for us, we miss out on a huge blessing. Recently, we were forced to rely on God to provide a mere $1.75 each to get back to Greenwood from downtown Indy. A mere $1.75! We didn't have it--all of our money had been stripped away prior to the field trip. But obviously, as I'm sitting here back at home in Mississippi, God provided. I cannot begin to tell you the blessing we received when we completely trusted God for His provision. How freeing to not have to "worry" where every penny was coming from!

If a missionary asks you to prayerfully consider supporting them with a faith promise pledge, they are not asking you to consult your checkbook. They are not asking you to pour over your budget to see if there's any wiggle room. They are not asking you to be the ones to support them. What they are asking you to do is to ask God how much He wants to donate through you. In other words, you're asking God how much extra money He is going to provide each month for you to in turn donate to those missionaries. In essence, even though you are the ones listed on paper as the givers, it is actually God who is the giver. You are merely the tool, the funnel, He uses to provide for His workers.

And when you have stepped out in faith and committed to the faith promise, if it is from God, He will provide in sometimes the most unexpected ways! A couple years ago, while at a camp meeting, both of us felt that we should donate to the camp. We came up with a number in our heads, according to what we thought we could afford, of course. But then, the Lord asked us to double it! We couldn't afford that! However, we felt very strongly that He was asking us to pledge that amount. And so we did with great trepidation. That very first month our pledge was due, someone hired Troy to do an odd job. They hadn't discussed pay ahead of time, but neither was Troy concerned about it. When the job was finished, he received a check from the man. In the exact amount needed for our first pledge payment! God had provided, just as He'd promised. And so it went.

Folks, if God is asking us to do something, He will provide the strength, ability, or resources to do it. We believe very strongly that He has called us to this ministry in Mexico City and know that He will provide. While He owns all the cattle on the hillsides, He provides for us most often through other people. But those people must be willing and obedient to His leading, just as Troy and I must be in our calling.

So the next time a missionary---possibly even Troy or I---asks you to consider a faith promise pledge, instead of answering with the automatic no (unless you've prayed about it ahead of time and sense God giving you that answer, of course), or mentally running through your checkbook or budget to see if there's room, pray and ask God how much He wants to give through you.

I promise you will not regret it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some Prayer Requests

We are working on our schedule now that Troy's time at WBS and our training session in Indy is completed. Troy will be leading a Sunday school class at a local church through September. The hope of ours (as well as the individual who helped us arrange this) is that we will receive some support from either the class and/or the individuals involved in the class. Please be praying with that the Lord will speak through Troy as he leads this class.

Some of you may have already heard, but we recently received a generous gift from a total stranger! While we have yet to meet this couple, I (Jenny) had been chatting with them in an Amazon forum about Christian books. Through the discussion, I was able to mention that we were missionaries raising support for our first term. The husband is an evangelist from Hawaii who felt that God was leading him to give us an encouragement blessing! Please be in prayer with us for Chuck as he is traveling today to Taiwan for a month of preaching and teaching. Pray for open hearts and safe traveling mercies.

Finally, we would like to spend the entire month of October in North Carolina. We'll be contacting some of the pastors there soon to schedule meetings. Our prayer is to fill each Sunday (morning and evening, when possible) and all but 1 Wednesday with meetings. What we hope to do is to spend a few days with each church. We'd have a meeting with the body and then invite individuals to meet with us one-on-one for more information about our ministry. Please be in prayer with us as we begin to schedule these meetings. Pray that the Lord will fill the month with both church meetings and individual meetings as well.

Thank you for all your continued prayers on our behalf. We greatly value them. As always, if there is something we can pray about for you, please let us know.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Excitement in the Mundane

Today we took our lunch break to open a savings account here in Greenwood, something that is a totally mundane occurrence. Until the woman setting up the account asked me (Jenny) where I work. I instantly blurted, "Nowhere," as that is what has customarily been my answer. Then the thought struck me that yes, I am employed. As a salary-receiving missionary candidate of One Mission Society, I most certainly am employed. Troy later remarked that he'd been able to respond to that question with, "I work at Wesley Biblical Seminary", but then, with a similar jolt, realized that was not true.

A mundane occurrence such as opening a savings account profoundly impacted us by serving as a stark reminder of our commitment to step out of the boat and trust God fully for our every needs---especially our funding needs.

Thank You, God, for the excitement in the mundane.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Field Trip of Faith

I want to warn you now, the following post is LONG. So please only read it when you have the time to really read it. Thanks!

When you see or hear the words “field trip”, what are you reminded of? That grade-school field trip you took to your state’s capitol building? How about the “insider’s” view tour you took of the back of a grocery store in early elementary (did this in either kindergarten or first grade and thought it was MAGICAL back there. Then, once I actually worked in a grocery store in high school, it somehow lost it’s magic)? Anyway, when I saw the words “field trip” on our schedule for today, I immediately was thinking of something soothing and relaxing--maybe a meal off-campus with the whole group (minus the children). And then, like working in a grocery store burst that bubble of how magical the back of a store was, Friday’s corporate Bible study had the same effect on my expectations of today’s field trip.

We looked at the passages of Jesus sending out the twelve and the seventy two, in pairs, and His very detailed instructions of what they could or could not bring. Almost immediately, little warning bells started sounding in my head. My heart sank as an idea took shape---they were going to pair us up and send us out into downtown Indy to do street evangelism. Was it too late to back out of this whole CROSS training experience? Maybe if I worked at it really hard, I could somehow develop a strangely rare, non-contagious disease that lasted only twenty-four hours, yet would prohibit me from participating. Some of you might be shocked right now. A missionary scared of doing street evangelism? I mean, is that even allowed??? Yes, it is, and the word should be “terrified”, not merely “scared”.

Fast-forward to today. Knowing that we would be fasting through lunch, our plan of action was to eat a good breakfast. At the appointed time, I noticed that my usual purposeful strides as I walked across campus toward the main building were somewhat lagging in their enthusiasm. And as the departure time kept drawing nearer and nearer, my heart rate kept increasing, and dread completely took up residence in my gut.

In an attempt to make a long story a tiny bit shorter, I’ll just lay it out. We were split into four groups of three, told to empty our pockets of all but our IDs (no credit cards, no cash, no phones---although we each did carry a bottle of water, as it was HOT today), given one baggie of change per group and some further directions, and dropped off at the bus stop. Each team had enough change to ride the bus from Greenwood to downtown Indy....and that’s all. We were to arrange our own rides back. Say, what???

My group arrived at our designated spot, a lovely park area with a fountain of scantily-clad women (not so lovely), directly across from the Indiana war memorial. During the long bus ride there, we had (reluctantly) agreed that we would not ask people for the return bus fare---we would simply pray that God would provide and then leave it in His hands. Once we’d written down some ideas, some immediate feelings (more terror, worry, panic, etc), and then figured out our plan of attack for the morning, we each set out individually to walk the perimeter and just pray. Knowing my tendency to worry things to death, and my tendency to have to know all the details ahead of time, I was really struggling with this whole idea. So during our short time of prayer away from each other, I had to give it all to God. This whole kind of thing is so out of my comfort zone, that it’s in a whole ‘nother state from my comfort zone, okay. And going up to people I don’t know and asking them about God? Same thing. Just because I am a missionary (well, a missionary candidate who hasn’t yet been to the field, anyway) doesn’t mean that I’m totally comfortable sharing my faith with strangers. You might ask how someone is to reach people for Christ if they aren’t willing to share with strangers, and that is a totally fair question. Today reinforced several things for me and one of them is that I need more boldness in order to be effective for Christ. I can’t let fear dictate what I will or will not do. It was also brought home to me the fact that there are many things in the Word I still do not know, and that is mainly because I’ve gotten lazy about reading my Bible and having my quiet time with God. Realizing that, it’s little wonder why I was so ill-equipped for today’s excursion.

As the morning went on, the realization came to me that I really had turned our return trip over to God. I wasn’t stewing over it. I wasn’t trying to figure out in my head how in the world we were going to come up with $5.25 and who we could ask for it. I was assured that God was going to provide somehow. There are no words to describe how freeing this was for me. I am the type of person who has to have everything all figured out. I need a plan. Living by faith is a foreign concept for me. Yeah, God recently asked Troy to leave his job and live on a smaller income as we fund-raise full time. But a smaller income is completely different than no income! Knowing that none of us had a dime in our pockets, nor any plastic with which to procure some cash could’ve been---should’ve been---a really frightening thing. And yet the assurance was there.

During the course of the day, through the boldness of one of our team members (who, I don’t believe met a stranger in the park the way he was able to converse with them), and through offering to take pictures for people and because of other people striking up conversations with us. we were able to speak with a Muslim family from Turkey, a Buddhist woman from the West Coast, a few homeless men, and several fellow Christians who were more of a blessing to us than we were to them. I was never bold enough to approach anyone and share Christ with them, but I did come out of my shell enough to approach people I didn’t know for the pictures. This is all a work in progress (not that I’d like to do this exercise again, mind, but I imagine God will continue to use this in teaching moments with me for a long time to come).

By 3 PM, we started making our way to our bus stop, knowing full well that we had no money to actually ride the bus home. We had no idea how God was going to provide. (But the fact that you’re able to read this proves that He did.) As we rounded the corner, we could see our bus coming down the street. Some panic set in, at least for me. Then, glancing up, we saw another team walking our way. They asked if we were ready to get on the bus, but when we admitted that we hadn’t gotten any money, they smiled at us and encouraged us to get on the bus anyway. When we objected, they smiled again and said, “We have enough for you.” Stunned, we raced to get on the bus, wondering how in the world---and where---they had gotten enough for both of our groups. But there was still more money left! A few bus stops down, we spotted another team. They’d found a free one-day bus pass that someone had taped to the bus stop shelter’s window, but still needed the money for two more people. Our fellow teammates had the money for them as well. They explained that, through the course of a conversation with someone, they’d shared their predicament, but had left it to talk of other things. At the end of the conversation, they’d walked away from this man only to have him chase them down and give them $20!! All told, there was enough money for 8 people to ride the bus---with $5 leftover! Back at our stop in Greenwood, one of the men was able to give the remaining money to two women who were getting on the bus as we got off, furthering the original giver’s blessing to include 10 people! We later discovered that the fourth team had met a group meeting for a Bible study (and were actually able to join in their Bible study!) and, through conversation with them, met someone who kindly gave the three of them a ride back to Greenwood from downtown Indy!

God faithfully provided a way home for all of us and taught us all many valuable lessons on faith in the mean time. For me, the lesson I will take home with me from the whole experience is that I don’t need to have it all figured out. I’ve always admired the faith of missionaries like Hudson Taylor, who prayed in their needs and didn’t worry about them. But until today, I didn’t really think that kind of faith was actually possible. Friends, I am sitting here at this computer because it IS possible! God knows what our needs are and He is more than able to provide them. He knew that we needed a way home from downtown and He provided. And not only provided, but provided abundantly!

The question is, do we have enough faith to let Him?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The End of an Era

As we wrap up the last weekend and last week of June, we realize that a very large chunk of our married lives is coming to a close at the end of this week. 9 years ago we were hastily packing up our house in Iowa and preparing to be separated for 6 weeks--after placing all of our belongings in temporary storage, Troy was to drive to Jackson where he would take a summer class and live in the dorm. Jenny, Tayler, and Clayton were to temporarily move into her mom's house in West Des Moines until a house in Jackson could be found and the rest of the family (and their belongings) could be brought to MS. We waited on the Lord to see what He would have for our family. And He most definitely provided abundantly. There were years when I know without doubt that the only way we were able to make those ends meet was because He had supplied our needs. We added two more precious children to our family during our time here. And we made so many wonderful friendships that will last for the rest of our lives. I am so grateful for our Wesley Biblical Seminary family, as family they have become.

Thursday is Troy's last day at the seminary. Tomorrow marks our final Sunday of full-involvement at Wesley Chapel. Such huge landmarks for our family. But landmarks that are, nonetheless, essential. It is time for us to focus all of our energies on doing our part to see this ministry funded. We realize--as recent posts remind us--that God is ultimately the One providing. But we also have to do our part. And so as hard as it is to say goodbye, it's something that must happen. Although we will still be in the Jackson area until (probably) December, we will be busy scheduling meetings in churches and with individuals.

We will be leaving in a week for a month-long training session at OMS headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana. At the end of July, we'll return to our house here in Jackson where we will "hit the ground running." We covet your prayers for the following items:

(1) That God will bless our time of training, not only for us but our fellow trainees and our trainers as well.

(2) As we return home, that God will enable Troy in a supernatural way to do what is needed to make and keep his meetings. Asking for money is not something that comes easily for him. I know he would covet your prayers in this matter.

(3) This will, hopefully, be our final semester of home-schooling for the children. It will be the busiest year yet with Cody starting Kindergarten, Tori in 2nd grade, Clayton in 5th grade, and Tayler in 6th grade. Please pray for me as I work very hard to keep all of us disciplined and on schedule. Please pray also for the kids, that they will do their best to make this the best semester yet, academically. I'm a little nervous to see how all of our work holds up, as when we arrive in Costa Rica, the kids will have to take placement tests in order to determine which grade they are placed in.

Thank you so much for all of your support of our family, both prayerfully and financially. For some of you, letting us go to do our work is difficult. Please don't think we're not sensitive to that. Leaving is never easy. But your support is a huge part of what enables us to do what needs to be done. Know that you will go with us in our hearts wherever God leads us.

We love you all!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Working On Our Behalf

If you've been around the Seminary during Commencement season, you know the great amount of work the maintenance department (ALL the departments, really) does each year to ensure that the building and grounds are in tip-top shape for the guests that arrive for the special events. This year, as the head of the entire department, Troy's had a larger burden on his shoulders during the last few weeks than in years past. And with the end of his time at the Seminary soon coming to an end, it has behooved us to focus our energies on finishing this race strongly. At the end of Cross-Training in July, there will be more than ample time to focus on fund-raising.

So, comfortable with this decision, it was to our great surprise and utter joy that we had not one, not two, but THREE people approach us last week about supporting our family, all within FOUR DAYS' time! We may not be in "funding mode", but that doesn't mean that God has taken a break as well. The events of the last few months have clearly shown us that Troy and Jenny are not funding this ministry at all. GOD is funding this ministry! He who has called us WILL provide....and IS providing!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Shortly after posting our last blog entry about Troy's resignation from WBS, I received a phone call from a wonderful gentleman at HQ who has been such an encouragement to us both during this process. He had received our funding report for February and wanted to give me an update.

As of the end of February, WE ARE 52% FUNDED! PRAISE THE LORD! We have not had any meetings since last year, but the Lord has been working on our behalf! Once again, thank you so much for your support for this ministry. God has called us to Mexico....and He IS PROVIDING!

A Giant Leap of Faith

During the fourth watch of the night Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake. When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified. "It's a ghost," they said, and cried out in fear. But Jesus immediately said to them: "Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid." "Lord, if it's you," Peter replied, "tell me to come to you on the water." "Come," he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, "Lord, save me!" Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. "You of little faith," he said, "why did you doubt?"

Matthew 14:25-31 (NIV)

For the last two years, these verses have been in our minds as we have been involved with this funding process. Funding in itself is a difficult thing, not easy for most. Asking for money is never an easy thing, even when it is for the Lord's work. Time and time again, we have felt like Peter must have as he looked at the wind and waves around him and began to sink. Time and time again we have cried out to the Lord to save us from our fear and doubt. And time and time again, He has held out His hand to us and redirected us anew on the path He had set us on.

Up until now, Troy has been working full time at Wesley Biblical Seminary. We've struggled to schedule meetings with individuals here in Jackson, reserving the weekends for any long-distance travels that need to be made. Dividing our time between Troy's work demands and funding has not been as successful as we hoped. In three years of funding, we are only about 45% funded (give or take a few percentage points). However, God has asked us to make, what feels like, a giant leap of faith and end our time at the Seminary. In obedience to this, Troy has submitted his resignation effective June 30.

What does this mean for the Gentrys? Right now, we are unsure as to what our immediate future holds. Ultimately, we know that we will go to Costa Rica for a year of language school and then make the move to Mexico City. But what will we do in the mean time? Regardless of what happens this fall, we will be attending a training session at OMS headquarters in Indiana during the month of July. If we are fully funded (or if we are somehow miraculously released by HQ), we will return home long enough to put our belongings in storage before departing for Costa Rica. If, however, we are not released for language school in August, we will return to Jackson and look for temporary housing. We currently live in seminary housing, which would need to be made available for another seminary couple. Therefore, regardless of the outcome, we will be spending the next few months preparing for a move (not Jenny's favorite thing).

Obviously, our preference is to be in Costa Rica this fall. But above all, we want to be obedient to God's leading---even if His timing is not our own. Please pray with us that God will direct our steps in the coming months. Pray with us that the funds will come in, that we will receive some new contacts, and that He will give us the motivation and energy to get the packing done.

Thank you so much for all your continued prayers and support. We truly are blessed to have ministry partners like you!