Monday, May 02, 2011

Working On Our Behalf

If you've been around the Seminary during Commencement season, you know the great amount of work the maintenance department (ALL the departments, really) does each year to ensure that the building and grounds are in tip-top shape for the guests that arrive for the special events. This year, as the head of the entire department, Troy's had a larger burden on his shoulders during the last few weeks than in years past. And with the end of his time at the Seminary soon coming to an end, it has behooved us to focus our energies on finishing this race strongly. At the end of Cross-Training in July, there will be more than ample time to focus on fund-raising.

So, comfortable with this decision, it was to our great surprise and utter joy that we had not one, not two, but THREE people approach us last week about supporting our family, all within FOUR DAYS' time! We may not be in "funding mode", but that doesn't mean that God has taken a break as well. The events of the last few months have clearly shown us that Troy and Jenny are not funding this ministry at all. GOD is funding this ministry! He who has called us WILL provide....and IS providing!