Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Weekly Messages

In the past, we haven't been as good at keeping you up to date on the things happening in our ministry. This is about to change. Beginning today, I am sending out a weekly email or FB message (however you'd prefer to receive it) with updates, praises, and prayer requests on a weekly basis.

If you are interested in receiving these emails, please send me a message on Facebook (Jenny Cox Gentry) or send me an email (, and I will include you on the list.

I've already sent out the first message detailing our schedule for this month. If you'd like to receive that, please let me know.

October Schedule

Weeks ago we asked you to pray about our October schedule. Well, you prayed, and God is answering!


1. As of today, we have every Sunday morning and Wednesday night filled between October 16 and November 2!
2. Some dear friends of ours are hosting us in their home during this time in order to help us keep costs down!
3. We participated in World Communion Sunday at a church in South MS on October 2, serving communion in two of three services and sharing during the Sunday school hour as well. As it was our second time participating, the pastor shared with us that we will likely pick up some monthly support from the church!

God is GOOD!

There are a few things to pray about as well:


1. We need to fill 4 Sunday evenings, 1 more Sunday morning, and 1 more Wednesday.
2. We need to line up as many individual meetings as we can during the weekdays following each service.
3. Please pray that the Lord will break our hearts anew before each service for the Mexican people and help us to help others see the spiritual need of the people.
4. Please pray against attacks of the enemy during this time. He loves to deal in Discouragement, Despair, and Divisiveness. Please pray against these Ds of the devil.
5. Please pray for traveling mercies as we travel to North Carolina and as we travel to and from each of the services/meetings.

Thank you so much for all your continued prayers and support. We are praying that this month will be the jolt we need to get some momentum in our funding. Only God could've put all this together, and so we are trusting that He has something BIG planned for our family and the ministry He's called us to.